Rehab of any kind of addiction

How many days does it take in rehab?

Rehab of any kind of addiction varies based on the level and type. It is not common with every kind of people and the number of days taken for recovery is also different. It is not same with each individual and the number of days to rehab is based on various numbers of factors. They are listed here.

  • Does the person taken rehab before? If yes, when the last treatment taken and how many days the gap is from last treatment.
  • How many numbers of days has the person taken rehab? Is it done being a residential inpatient or outpatient?
  • What are the treatments done through that phase and how much was the cost?
  • Age of the addicted person and is that person involved in any support group?
  • Is the person suffering from any health issues other than addiction?
  • Is there any kind of chronic pain present with the person health?
  • Is there any addictive trauma present within the body?

checks for rehab

Once all these questions are answered, therapist proceeds with their normal work routine of finding the exact matching treatment and analyze the health wellness and percentage of addiction. They also make the serious examination of body through the health report. As soon as the Dillon rehab checks for rehab, the experts will revert back about the number of days necessary to get treated. In case there is any other treatment necessary to stop addiction, it will be intimated in the progressive time. Actually based on the type of treatment, duration varies. If you have to check for drug addiction, then here is the list that should be answered while checking out the duration of rehab. They are

  • Number of people usually drinks
  • How does the person have the habit of drinking?
  • Amount of drinks that person drinks in average
  • Age of the addict
  • Gender of addict
  • Weight of the addict
  • History of genetic factors
  • Drug usage
  • Mental health issue history
  • Total health examination history

The way of approaching is also important to consider and there are long and short term recovery treatments. It is important to consider every aspect which will help in quitting those addicting habits.

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