used luxury cars in chicago

Classic Cars for Sale in Chicago

Creating, restoring or searching for classic cars for sale in Chicago, classic cars for sale and classic cars and trucks for sale have become an excellent hobby for baby boomers. It seems that they cannot get enough of these big shiny cars and, in many cases, very fast cars of the 50s, 60s and early 70s. Yes, heavy American cars of the 60s and big boats of the 50s are most popular at car shows and at classic car auctions. Classic cars for sale at these auctions of classic cars number in the hundreds and it seems that every year their number increases. These cars are no longer produced, but have not lost their value or attractiveness.used luxury cars in chicago

In fact, classic vintage cars for sale in the modern market can cost up to 100 times more expensive than those sold for new ones. The number of classic cars for sale in chicago in the thousands, and not all of them are expensive or too expensive, and many of them are very affordable for the average person. Events and sales are also very unusual: everything from memories of roadsides, such as old signs and old gas pumps, to 900% 2-strong vipers and motorcycles with large V8 block engines.

This year Barrett Jackson had a great show organized by the supervisors of the event, and it was a drifting show. In case you do not know what it is, it is mainly when the driver or drivers, as in this case, place their cars in a controlled place. It was amazing to see how these two Ford Mustangs compete side by side a few feet apart, creating a cloud, so the smoke comes out of the tires and never collides. The crowd really liked it, especially the children in the stands, who stood all the time, trying not to miss the action. It was the first time I saw live drift that it was really nice.


Another thing I have to mention is a kayak race around the stage. This was achieved by chaining two Ford Mustang to portable torque machines with huge tachometers and three-foot speedometers for spectators. Then the names of the two riders are taken from several hundred names of beginning endurance racers, and the race continues. Each driver is given instructions on what he is allowed to do, then the power lights blink and disappear. Cars encounter a second gear, tires screeching and speedometers are on the rise. The event is held every hour, and it is nice to watch the crowd applauding their favorite driver.

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