how to install apk


The use can be the best way to go with installation on the Android application. It can work with Google Play Store this can let one make use of the file without realizing. One can always choose to click on the green install button which can get one the automated version. It works with the process of transferring the file right to the phone as well as running it on the device. The concept can be available with the installer file which can help with the installation of all kinds of the non-Google Play applications. Let’s get an idea about what is apk. And if you are a newbie on this topic, then you are in the correct place.

The broader idea about APK

APK stands for Android package kit. It can be the best way to go with the file format that can be available on Android devices. It can help with the distribution as well as the installation of the applications. It can go with all kinds of elements which can be available with the installation of the Other applications. It can help one to go with the support system that can be dealt on Windows.

how to install apk


The entire concept can help with the installation of any application manually installing applications can be also available called sideloading with this idea. One can go with the visit to the websites that can help one to download the application there are automatic download as well as installation packages which can work with the support for the alternative applications and stores.

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