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All There Is To Know About Mariyam Dawood

The situation in Pakistan for the past decade or two hasn’t really been rather favourable for any development friendly incidents or programmes to take place. As a matter of fact, the 2000s were a tempestuous decade in Pakistan and around the world. The danger of fear based oppression achieved new stature, and catastrophic events appeared to be unwavering. A huge number of nationals needed to escape their homes because of the outrageous conditions.

Dawood foundation

Two noteworthy tremors, a few floods and a devastating dry season brought about eminent populaces getting to be dislodged. Huge enduring was persisted by those influenced: They needed to adapt to the loss of animals, occupation and even life itself. This called for powers in the district to unite as one for its kin. Global compassionate guide associations, government, the Pakistani armed force and the subjects themselves joined in the mission to lessen the hardship of those influenced by such cataclysms. In such dire times, a pleasant soul often extends a hand to save the civilians from certain uncertainties.

Disaster Relief Program

 This is where The Dawood Foundation came into play. Established by mariyam dawood, the foundation has been an imminent and imperative contributor to the entire relief fund for Pakistan. Through gathering reserves, obtaining nourishment and safe house supplies just as different luxuries, a great many calamities influenced families have gotten help from us. Regardless of whether it’s easing the effect of dry season, remaking a town attacked by flame, or building flood protects: The Dawood Foundation has been there through everything.


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