Custom Furniture for Your Home

A Quick Guide to Designing Custom Furniture for Your Home

Every nook and cranny of your newly built house should embody your personality and style. With this, you have to find something that isn’t typical or mainstream. If you have an interior design that you want to bring to life, it is time that you think about how to customize your furniture.

To be successful, you need to examine your personal style and determine how to best express it through shapes, colors, and textures. Customizing can be overwhelming if it is your first time doing it. To help you get started, here’s a quick guide to designing custom furniture for your home:

Take measurements

The first thing that you need to do is to take measurements of your room so you can determine the dimensions that will work well with the available space. To help you get a sense of the scale, it is prudent to take measurements of existing furniture in the room.

When you measure, you should keep the scale of the furniture pieces relatively consistent to give your room balance. Before starting the design process, you should ensure that your vision is compatible with the prevailing colors and textures in the space. Do not forget to factor in the color of the floor and the material used in your fireplace.

Choose a frame

When it comes to an upholstered sofa, bench or chair, the actual frame will not be visible. However, the frame is important because it gives the pieces its shape. Whether you like sleek modern or retro style, you should pick the right frame.

furniture pieces

If you want to furnish a small space, you should consider a modern look with a streamlined frame. For the material, kiln-dried hardwood is durable with low potential for bowing and warping because of its dry character. There is also engineered wood, which makes a structurally sound frame.

Focus on the feel

After choosing the frame, it is time that you focus on the feel. The feel here refers to the fabric, color, and pattern. It is imperative that you consider where the furniture will be placed and who will use it. If you have a family pet, you should look for synthetic fabrics that can efficiently repel pet hair. More importantly, synthetic fabrics are scratch-resistant more than natural fibers.

If you have kids around, you should consider marble tabletops, which are easy to clean. If you consider natural teak, it will take more time to clean. When choosing materials, you should narrow down the color and the pattern by future proofing it.

Check the details

Custom furniture pieces are inherently unique. When you have this, your personal style will really shine through. If you are designing a sofa, do not ignore the make and finish of the legs because these things will unify the pieces. Aside from these, you should also consider the home accents, which will add subtle shine to any room. Do not forget about the pillows, chandeliers and area rugs.

Final words

Instead of searching endlessly for that perfect piece, you should think about custom furniture. With custom furniture pieces, you will be assured that it is built exactly to suit your space, lifestyle and your personality.

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